wimmhtw* 9.23

1. There is a trailer for the new Kevin Hart movie where he’s trying to get his GED. His night school teacher is relentless (Tiffany Haddish), and there are times that she goes against him in a boxing ring. There is one scene in particular where she asks him, “What’s the capital of Belgium?” and he answers, “Waffles?” I love that scene, and I love waffles, and I am excited that tonight for dinner, we are having waffles. And bacon. Because: bacon.

2. Rubbing alcohol in spray bottles. My mother has bed bugs. Her apartment has been treated once (the second one is Tuesday, the third one two weeks later), but an easy way to kill any bugs that survived the treatment is to spray them with alcohol. I stopped by CVS last week to pick up some rubbing alcohol, just in case I saw any bugs in the laundry of hers I brought back here or when I went to her place to pick up things she needs. CVS has been so thoughtful as to put alcohol in little spray bottles already, so they are ready to go to fight off the little buggers, or boo-boos or whatever else you’re wanting to spray alcohol on. It’s genius, and I’m so happy that they did that for me!

3. We have had some amazing servers this weekend. I am a big fan of servers. They do a tough job for little money, and when they go out of their way for me, it makes the meal so much better. Yesterday we went to a local chicken restaurant, and our server was super friendly and anticipated everything we needed. She filled our drinks quickly, brought out extra food (it’s family style) and takeout boxes at the perfect time. And she brought us a couple of extra rolls. Her enthusiasm was adorable and her professionalism was top-notch. And today, we went to our near-weekly sports bar for our pre-grocery store lunch. Now, we’ve been there enough that they know us, but it’s still really nice that they get our drinks for us as we’re sitting down and take care of us throughout the meal. It’s just so heartwarming to feel welcome and to know that people are taking good care of you. Thanks to all the servers out there! We appreciate your bringing us food and drinks!

*what is making me happy this week