wimmhtw* 9.16

1. This was a tough week. My mother’s been in the hospital for several days. This afternoon she was moved to a rehab hospital, where she can continue to recover from a couple of infections and a lot of pain. However, I am grateful to every one who helped her through all this—the paramedics who took her to the ER, the nurses and doctors who have helped her try to figure out what’s been wrong and are working to fix it, and the physical therapists who are making sure she doesn’t have to go back to her apartment until we can all be sure that she’s safe. And special thanks to my boyfriend who has sacrificed his time to be with me and help me out.

2. After waking up in the middle of the night Wednesday night with a bad allergy attack, I am very grateful for Claritin D and for those who made it available over the counter so that those of us with sinus issues can continue to breathe freely. Or relatively inexpensively anyway.

3. Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. I’m not sure how to get through a week like this without them.

*what is making me happy this week