wimmhtw* 8.26

1. A great soccer weekend! My MLS team, Sporting KC, is on a roll with its 4th win in a row. It's so exciting to watch, now that they're past most of the injuries and playing great soccer. And Bundesliga is back, and our favorite teams (boyfriend's: Bayern and mine: Dortmund) both won! It's so much fun to be able to watch good soccer! 

2. My birthday is next weekend, and my email is getting stuffed with restaurants giving me free food. Desserts, entrees, you name it. I will be eating good for quite awhile! 

3. And speaking of good eating, my boyfriend made dinner tonight: pork chops, new potatoes, corn, and really good dinner rolls. It's so nice to get a delicious homemade meal cooked for me while I sit on the sofa and read. I love that! Thank you, Sweetheart! Love you! 


*what is making me happy this week