wimmhtw* 7.22

1. While I am sad that the World Cup has ended, with all the extra soccer on my happy tv, it's also nice to relax a little more and watch some soccer that doesn't have such high stakes attached. Our MLS team Sporting KC got knocked out of the Open Cup, so now they just have regular league games. And I'm certainly not going to say that it was a good thing they got eliminated, but having the extra time between games means they can rest and heal, which is a very good thing, since we've had too many injuries this season. Plus, we've discovered he International Champions Cup, which includes some of our favorite European teams. So that's been a nice bonus. 

2. A relaxing Saturday evening. Last night was very nice and chill, with some friends over, some Great British Bake-Off on tv, a big bowl of homemade popcorn, and snickerdoodles. There was no drama, there were no crowds, and there weren't too many soggy bottoms. A truly lovely evening. And with a quick trip to a local computer store, our computer go-to guy installed my boyfriend's second monitor (Amazon prime day!) and got it working brilliantly. 

3. This was a good week overall. Work has been steady but not overwhelming. The temperatures have come down a little. We got a little rain. There were new episodes of he Great British Bake-Off and Forged in Fire. All good things. It was a good week, and that made me happy. 


*what is making me happy this week