wimmhtw* 6.3

1. My boyfriend finally bought himself a new car. It's a one-owner previous rental that is still in excellent shape. It has lots of bells and whistles, but even more importantly, it has air conditioning. He's been driving in the summer heat, every day, back and forth to work, in a black car with no air conditioning for years. Every summer I beg him to get a new car, and this year, he was finally able to pay down enough debt to take on a car loan. I'm so happy for him, and I'm so relieved that he has a cool, safe car to use. 

2. Last weekend, my laptop went down. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but Windows stopped working. A local friend was able to fix the Windows problem, and I've got just about everything else working again. It makes my life easier to have this lovely machine working again, so I am exceptionally grateful for Steve for making that happen, and I'm thankful for the technology that makes it possible for me to accomplish so much each week. 

3. Last week was a rough one at work--just a lot of stuff needing to be done and no extra help. But I got through it, and I think the coming weeks will be a little better. There is still a lot to be done--I'm behind from being so sick for so long, but I think I can start finding some time to get caught up. That is a good thing. It's officially June, and I want to enjoy a slower pace to life this summer.


*what is making me happy this week