wimmhtw* 6.17

1. Out running errands and doing generic weekend stuff this weekend, we got excellent parking spots. Bookstore, movie theater, cat store (someone needed more food), restaurant, grocery store. It's like the universe smiled upon us, and opened up parking spots wherever we went. Also, today there was excellent music playing everywhere we went. I am hoping this amazing luck extends to the lottery tickets we bought today . . . 

2. World. Cup. Soccer. I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy the World Cup this year, as the U.S. isn't in it and just because it's such a big tournament, I was worried that the noise of it would be painful for how sensitive I can be. But it's been fun and amazing, and I'm really disappointed that I have to go to work tomorrow instead of getting to stay home and watch more matches. Go sports! Also, I'm really enjoying the Volkswagen commercials about the Cup. This one is my favorite (scroll down to see). 

3. I made a very important discovery this week. Rold Gold makes a tiny pretzel, which is adorable and much fun to eat. But when you pop a couple of them and then a Caramel M&M, it is absolutely divine! Give it a try. Seriously.


*what is making me happy this week