wimmhtw* 6.10

1. My word for this summer is: balance. I am working on finding a work-life balance that makes me happy. I am trying to enjoy my book blog again and not treat it like a second job. I'm trying to find shortcuts with housework, like actually letting the dishwasher do the dishes some of the time, to make life easier. And I'm trying to remember what I like about myself and about my life instead of feeling like I'm always running behind, making lists of things I absolutely have to do and don't end up doing. I'm working on remembering that I am enough. Life is good. I am very lucky. I am just trying to remember that. 

2. Sleeping in on weekends, or getting up to feed the loudly meowing cat and then laying back down to read or finally start watching Killing Eve, which had been piling up in the dvr. Which is fantastic, if you're wondering. I'd heard everyone going on and on about Sandra Oh, and why wouldn't they?, but I didn't realize until I started watching that the series also stars the amazing Fiona Shaw and David Haig. I am loving everything about this show, and I can't wait to keep watching! 

3. I finally got healthy again, the bf finally got healthy again, and I was looking forward to a lazy, slow summer with lots of reading, lots of good movies, and some really good food. And now the activities are getting added to our schedule. A special dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Family coming to town. Going out of town to visit family. A soccer game. So far it's not too much, and it should be lots of fun. I think this will be the best summer we've had in years. Now if we could just do something about those 90 degree temperatures that are only going to go up from here . . . 


*what is making me happy this week