wimmhtw* 5.6

1. Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, so of course, we went out with friends to get German food. We ate pretzels and sausages (which were amazing!). I had beef stroganoff over egg noodles, and they were delicious. We ate so much food, and then they offered us desserts that were gigantic. We had lots of fun and got caught up, and then we went back to their place to hang out with their dog and many cats and play Crabs. It was great to get out and to hang out with friends and try a new (to us) restaurant and play a new game. Much fun! 

2. This has been a nice, slower moving weekend, so I feel like I got some things taken care of. I got some old emails cleaned out, and I paid bills, and we went to our favorite independent bookstore and picked up the books I ordered last week (and maybe one or two others). We went to free comic book day. The weather was beautiful, with crystal blue skies. And there was soccer and baseball. It was a good, refreshing spring weekend, and that is something I needed badly and genuinely appreciate. 

3. This morning I got caught up on my Grey's Anatomy. I hadn't realized, but I had 4 episodes in the dvr, so I watched them all this morning. There was an epic episode where Arizona accidentally fed a bunch of the doctors weed cookies, which I heartily recommend. But I also noticed that this season's writers understand the history. When a television show has been on as long as Grey's has, sometimes writers get hired who don't necessarily know or respect the history. But in these few episodes, there were references to the early seasons where Alex gave a nurse syphilis, how when Arizona started she was on roller skates all the time, there were references to Dr. Yang. I didn't watch the show from the beginning. It was in its third season when I found a copy of season one on DVD, but once I watched that, I was instantly hooked. I've seen those early episodes many times. I think I stopped watching them over and over when the plane went down--that would be too painful to watch again, so I stopped. But I still watch. And I'm glad that they're respecting the history. That's what keeps me tuning in. 


*what is making me happy this week