wimmhtw* 5.13

1. My mother is home from the hospital. She went to urgent care on Friday, and they sent her to the ER. It turned out that she had a skin infection in her legs, and they wanted to admit her and start IV antibiotics immediately. She stayed overnight, getting several doses of the antibiotic, and then they let her go home yesterday evening. I was glad that they admitted her to the hospital and started care quickly, and I'm equally glad that she got to go back home, where she is far more comfortable. And I'm very grateful that her sister has moved back to town and lives just down the hall from my mother. It's good to know that they can take care of each other. 

2. Late last year and earlier this year, things were crazy busy at work. Being in that kind of chaos every day, it was hard to pay attention to anything else. So all my podcasts and audio books were put on hold. Now things are less chaotic. I can breathe at work again, and I can listen. So I am trying to get caught up on podcasts and I am falling back in love with audio books. I love my iPod, and I am so grateful for the space to listen to stories again during the day. It helps me deal with the boredom that sometimes comes with a job like mine, and it helps me deal with the stress of deadlines. 

3. Cupcakes. Some people (ahem) say that they are passe, but they are actually delicious. I knew it was going to be a stressful week last week, so I bought some and ate them, and they were fantastic. Cake is the food of the gods, and whether it's a large sheet cake or a layer cake or cupcakes or mini cupcakes, I am grateful for them all. 

Except cake pops. They're just weird. 


*what is making me happy this week