wimmhtw* 4.22

1. I was inspired by last week's bread class to give it a try. I made the dough this morning before we left to run errands, and when we got back it was more than double in size. It's a very simple sourdough, and since I didn't know for sure what we were having for dinner tonight, I thought that if we had meat and potatoes, I could make read, and if my boyfriend made something Italian, I could try breadsticks. I ended up making a pan-roasted chicken with lemon-rosemary sauce, so I baked the bread in our Staub cast iron pot. It turned out fantastic! And I only used about half the dough, so the other half is hanging out in the fridge until I figure out what else I want to try. 

2. A weekend without snow! We may make it to spring and summer this year after all. 

3. Worst Cooks, Celebrity Edition is back. And while it's heartbreaking to watch them go home, it's so fun to watch Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence and these celebrities make craziness in the kitchen. Love it! 


*what is making me happy this week