wimmhtw* 4.15

1. I got to go to a class/demo on sourdough bread yesterday, and I had a lot of fun. I got some great ideas on bread making and bought some fun bread dipping spices. I also got some samples of olive oil and herbs and even a mix for making a couple of chocolate orange mug cakes that I can't wait to try. I can't wait to take some more classes at The Olive Tree, especially once they move into their new location in a  couple of weeks. And to get more herbs and spices (and mug cake mixes) from Savory Spice. Kansas City peeps, be sure to get on the mailing lists of these two companies and spend your bucks there. They're good people. And they can teach you to make your own bread!

2. It's cold again, and snowing. It's been snowing all day again. I wasn't expecting that in mid-April. But I will say this--the colder weather makes for good sleeping. That makes me happy. 

3. I got a piece of peach pie today. I can tell they used fresh peaches, because one of them wasn't quite ripe yet. But it's okay. It still made me feel like spring is coming, the read spring, where it finally stops snowing. I am looking forward to that. 


*what is making me happy this week