wimmhtw* 3.18

1. Easter is coming, so you know what that means. Bunnies! Chocolate bunnies. Personally, I go for the ears first. And not only that, there are also Cadbury eggs. I love the caramel ones, but every year I also have to get at least one of the original. My grandmother, who is no longer with us, loved those original Cadbury eggs and would have them every single year. It's a lovely memory, and a delicious treat in one. That makes me happy. 

2. I am still trying to stay mindful. I haven't done as much crocheting this week as I'd hoped, but I am trying to keep a calm mindset and remember how little panic and worry helps me. I'm reading a book on meditation and trying to focus on things that help me--putting attention on my breath or counting or closing my eyes for a few seconds. I am calmer these days, the anxiety easing. But it was a rough week. I may still have some work to do on the depression. Time will tell. 

3. I've been pretty down lately. I've been sick, and I haven't been sleeping well, and I'm uncertain if I want to stay in my job or find something else, and I've been looking at how difficult things are. In other words, I've been feeling sorry for myself. But compared to others, I am doing really well. I do have a job that I like most days and that pays my bills. I have a good home and love and plenty of food, warm clothes and soft blankets and more books than I can read in a lifetime. I am fortunate, and I need to remember that. I am so very lucky, especially for the love. I am lucky. And I am grateful. 


*what is making me happy this week