wimmhtw* 3.11

1. Amoxicillin. Sinus infection is much better. I'm not back to 100% yet, but I'm able to put words together in ways that make sense again. And I feel like I can stay up past 8 at night. That's good. Many thanks to the urgent care nurse with her prescription pad, the nearby pharmacy, and the drug companies behind these medical miracles. And extra special thanks to my awesome boyfriend, who stuck with me through the sinus infection and the anxiety meltdowns that always seem to accompany my getting sick and needing help. 

2. Muffins. I bought a 4-pack of random muffins from the grocery store last week. I should do this more often. They were wonderful. 

3. Yarn. With my anxiety at a mind-bending rate lately, I've been trying to think of ways to relax. When I was in elementary school, my grandmother taught me some basic crochet skills, and I find myself turning back to the yarn when I need a way to relax my mind while keeping my fingers busy. So I went to a local craft store and bought some of my favorite yarn, Lily's Sugar 'n' Cream balls, that are perfect for kitchen squares. I use them to wash dishes. My aunt uses them as potholders. And they are quick and easy to stitch together, which helps my brain and my fingers find some relief from my anxiety. I bought six balls of yarn yesterday, and I'm almost halfway through them, but don't worry. One of my favorite mail-order craft suppliers is working on a box of 14 more balls to come to my front door. 20 balls of yarn will put a big dent in my anxiety, and help me replace the dishcloths I use all the time that are looking pretty sad. It's a win-win for me and my anxiety. Yarn does make me happy. 


*what is making me happy this week