wimmhtw* 10.7

1. New episodes of Murphy Brown. I am a huge fan of Candice Bergen, so I am thrilled to have Murphy back. It would be even better to have Shirley Schmidt back, but I’ll take this for now.

2. I am very grateful for clean laundry. Our dryer stopped working last week, but yesterday we went to our favorite furniture store, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and not only were we able to get exactly the one we wanted with minimal effort, but they were ale to deliver it today. So the clothes for the week are clean, the old dryer is out of the way, and life is just a little easier again. Which is welcome, as other areas of life are not getting any easier yet.

3. Sporting KC is clinched for the MLS cup playoffs. I am so proud of my hometown team and so happy for them. They have obviously worked so hard, and it’s great to see that pay off. I’m excited for the playoffs, but I also realize that will signal the end of the season, so I hope they don’t come too soon. But when they come, I will be cheering so loud! I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! Go Sporting!

*what is making me happy this week