wimmhtw* 10.21

1. It was a better week, but things are still tough. But it was a lot easier to come up with 3 things that are making me happy, so that right there is something big to be grateful for. My first happiness this week was good friends. Friday night we headed out to our favorite barbecue place for dinner and ran into a wacky couple that we hadn’t seen since spring. As they are some of those outdoorsy people, they spent their summer camping and fishing and hanging out with bugs, which is so not our scene. So bumping into them and enjoying a delicious meal was a lovely surprise. And then last night, we had our other wacky couple friend over for roast chicken and their tagalong-type bars. Everything was delicious, and we had so much fun. I think we all needed that. So tonight’s first thing making me happy is good friends.

2. After last night’s dinner, we settled into the too-comfy sofa and the recliner to watch some Food Network. After some reruns of Iron Chef America, we watched the reboot of the Japanese Iron Chef from several years ago that the network has only recently started running. It is so completely cheesy that it is now unmissable, from the corny interpreters to the melodrama of the stadium to the porny yummy sounds that they insisted on playing while the judges were eating. I highly recommend this show, and if you have a strong constitution, you should use it for a drinking game. Choose your favorite cornball expression and make sure you have plenty of alcohol waiting for you. It’s refreshing!

3. This afternoon, my beloved Sporting KC took on Dallas FC. The competition between them and us runs deep, with most games getting chippy almost to the point of blows being thrown. Today was no exception. The season is winding down, and they’ve been number one for several weeks heading into this game. We were number two for several weeks, sometimes tied with LAFC, but we had fallen to third for awhile. Honestly, I wasn’t sure we could win this game. Mostly I just wanted a clean-ish game, where we had no major injuries going in to the playoffs. Incredibly, my Sporting guys pulled off a 3-0 win, while Vancouver was able to tie with LAFC in their game. We are sitting at the top of the standings right now, and it feels good. Sporting has played so well this year! They brought in a lot of new talent, and they’ve been able to integrate the new with the old and create a strong team that can fight and can defend with equal skill. It has been such an amazing ride this season, and I can’t wait to see them next Sunday go against LAFC.

*what is making me happy this week