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Today, I am going foodie. I am currently cooking a fantastic (I hope) meal of chicken and potatoes, and I am grateful. First of all, I am grateful for local chefs and their willingness to share recipes with us all. There used to be a restaurant in Independence (the part of Kansas City where the Royals and Chiefs play, and where the Mormons got their start, in addition to other things) called Stephenson's Apple Farm. It really was an apple farm, and they were known for this fantastic baked chicken made with milk. It sounds weird, I know, but it was so tasty and so tender, and there is no place in town that makes that chicken anymore. But awhile back, another local chef, Jasper Mirabelle, who owns and runs an amazing local Italian restaurant (note to self and boyfriend: go back to Jasper's soon; it's been too long), shared that exact chicken recipe with the local paper. I grabbed it and added it to my collection, and I was able to find it today and chicken is currently in the oven. 

Which brings me to my second thing. I was easily to capture that recipe with the click of a button and easily pull it up on my computer, my phone, and my iPad, thanks to an app called Copy Me That. It's for collecting recipes, and you can use it to collect recipes from the internet in literally one click of a button. They have a dingbat that you can put on the bar of your web browser, and one click can save a recipe from a website, from Facebook, from just about anywhere. You can edit the recipes how you want and add any extras you want. You can add your own tags to sort them (that is a godsend at Thanksgiving!), and you can even print your own cookbook. When I first gave it a try, I thought it was interesting and would give it a try. That was a couple of years ago, maybe even three, and I have at my fingertips more recipes than I could imagine. Check it out. It's amazing. 

And my third thing. Today I am thankful for The Food Network. The potato recipe I'm using--basically a cake made of potatoes with only clarified butter (never done that before), salt, and fresh thyme. I can't wait to taste it. The recipe is courtesy of Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, and I copied it from the foodnetwork.com with the click of one button. And now it's in my oven. As I was making it, I wondered what it was I did before I found The Food Network and learned so much about how to cook well. And then I remembered. I ate cereal for dinner. 


Chicken Recipe

Potato Recipe


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