wimmhtw* 1.28

1. My boyfriend is a big WWE guy. He has been following professional wrestling for most of his life, and he still watches Raw and Smackdown every week. Some of it I find interesting, and some of it I can do without. But tonight is the Royal Rumble, which is my favorite of all the pay-per-view events they have. (By the way, they're not really pay-per-view anymore, as you just have to subscribe to their network to get all the "pay-per-views," which means they desperately need a new name for their big Sunday night championship shows). The Royal Rumble is a match between 30 guys, and this year for the first time there will be a second one with 30 women. They enter the match one at a time, with several minutes of wrestling in between entrances. It's a mix of the same wrestlers you see every week on their shows as well as previous stars who come back for the night. The surprises are many as you wait to see who all comes out and in what order. Wrestlers coming back from injuries, coming back from retirement, moving up from their developmental brand NXT--you never know for sure who's coming out, and it's a lot of fun watching to see who makes it to the ring and who can last. Because the rules are that anyone who goes over the top rope and hits the floor is out, no matter how they got there, no matter how long they spent in the ring, no exceptions. I am very much looking forward to tonight's Rumble and the first ever women's Royal Rumble to see who all comes out and who can win. 

2. TurboTax. Taxes done in less than an hour, easy peasy. This is why I love technology. 

3. Last Thursday's Top Chef Restaurant Wars. The best episode of the season! 


*what is making me happy this week