wimmhtw* 9.3

1. Birthday emails. I got coupons for free entrees, free desserts, books, crafts, and I even got a postcard for a free chicken dinner. I have been redeeming them for three days, and I am stuffed and there is a ton of leftover food in my fridge. I feel loved! 

2. Long weekends. Although I'm already feeling some of that, "Oh man, I have to go to work tomorrow," I don't It's Labor Day, which means that since I'm working an office job these days, I get Monday off. Which I have been needing, and I intend on enjoying with too much good food and too many good books. 

3. I won't usually admit to something like this, but I am thankful that it is once again football season. We got to see the first Nebraska game of the season (Go Huskers!!), and it was fantastic! They looked good out there, and they won to boot. It should be a good season. And it makes my boyfriend really, really, really happy. And it means that it really is fall. Leaves can come down, temperatures can come down, and sweaters and flannel shirts and hoodies can come out. I do love that. Happy fall, everybody! 


*What is making me happy this week