wimmhtw* 9.10

1. Productivity. I'm still behind where I want to be, but I'm making progress. It feels good to be moving in the direction I want to be, even if sometimes it feels like I'm walking against a very strong wind. Hey, it still counts. And it feels good. 

2. Fried chicken. I celebrated my birthday today with family and with some of the best fried chicken in the city. Mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, and their famous cinnamon rolls. And because they go big, serve family style, and always give you too much, I get to have fried chicken again tomorrow. 

3. The beauty of a new week. There is a refrigerator filled with food, lots of clean clothes, and possibilities. You can close the door on the previous week, let all that go, and move forward. I get that it doesn't work every week. Some weeks things can linger--anxieties, old pizza, bitterness, stress. But I'm working on letting more of it go. Because really, so little of it matters. Is everything perfect? Nope. I have more debt than I want. My job is meh. My boyfriend watches too much professional wrestling (the real problem with that is how much professional wrestling I now watch). But we're pretty healthy. We have a home and food. I can't pay off my debts, but I can make payments that are more than just the minimum. Life is good. I am grateful for the love in my life and for a future that is not yet written. There are possibilities. 


*what is making me happy this week