wimmhtw* 12.17

1. Saturday I went to a friend's baby shower. Usually I really dislike showers like that, but it was beautifully planned and lovely in general, and everyone seemed very happy. I was relieved for myself, to feel at ease in that situation for I think the first time ever, but more than that, I was so glad that everyone there was relaxed and celebratory and having a genuinely good time. There was a lot of love there, which is always good to be a part of. 

2. Also Saturday, I got to see the new Star Wars movie. I found it to be bittersweet. It's very well done (that's all I'm saying--no spoilers here), but every time Princess Leia was on the screen, my heart broke all over again. The death of Carrie Fisher was such a loss. Her courage, her intelligence, her graciousness. That was a little heartbreaking. But a truly great movie and a very enjoyable time. 

3. Last week, we moved to new offices at work, and while it was chaotic, we were able to get a lot of things in place and still get a lot of work down through the week. It was nice to get through the long anticipated move with relatively little pain. There's still a little unpacking to do, and one of printers still isn't working because the plug isn't right for the new space, but we're getting there. We're finding our rhythm again. And we're pulling together as a team to make our new schedule and our new offices work for us. 


*what is making me happy this week