wimmhtw* 12.10

1. Big week for a foodie tv addict like me. Thursday night was the start of both this year's Great American Baking Show and Top Chef. And while the beloved Mary Berry is no longer with the Great Baking franchise, we did get us some of that Paul Hollywood. And there's a baker on from Kansas City who we can root for. And Top Chef is in Denver this time, giving the Midwest some chefy love. Good stuff!

2. I love online shopping. I am not a big shopper in general, except for bookstores, of course. But I think that shopping is especially bad this time of year, from the parking lot to trying to find what you want to the long lines at checkout. So I am especially grateful for online shopping these days when the stores are so much more crowded than usual. I'm almost done already, and I barely had to leave home. That is amazing, and I am so grateful! 

3. Dinner tonight: chicken pot pie. What more do you need to get ready to face the week?


*what is making me happy this week