wimmhtw* 1.8

1. It's a new year, a fresh start, a time to reset and move forward. That makes me happy. I thought it was a good holiday season, the parts of it we could control, and the rest we dealt with as best we could. It made for a strong ending to a pretty good year. For New Year's, we had a quiet dinner at home with friends and celebrated the start of 2017 by looking at the time on our phones and asking when we can finally go to bed. (We're not late-night party people, and I like that about us.) So it was a good year. 

2. Today I was trying to pay bills online, and there was something wrong on the site for one of my student loans. The balance was gone. There was nothing due. There were only zeros. And while I know that it's probably just a glitch that they will get fixed so I can make my payment in a day or two, it looked so beautiful to have a balance of zero. That day will come, somehow, so that made me happy. 

3. We switched cable companies, and now we have Google Fiber. We are now getting as many channels as we had with Major Cable Corporation (name changed to protect the overcharger) as well as a giant dvr, the ability to record 7 things at once, and a sense of freedom on those nights when there are 3 things on the same time that we want to see. And we're saving $100 a month. I love the Googles! And I get to record so many movies! I love that. Especially since one of my goals this year is to add more content to this blog, so I intend to talk about a lot of these movies this year. Please stay tuned!


*what is making me happy this week