wimmhtw* 11.13

This was not a great week for me, so I'm very happy now to be sitting here, focusing on good things. I hope it puts me in a good head space for next week. 

1. Cooler temperatures. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed these weeks of 60s and 70s, where even though it's November and it's getting dark at 4 in the afternoon, I can still wear short sleeves to work. But I'm ready for more. I'm ready for the hard freeze that will kill the sinus-irritating pollen and this year's bumper crop of oak mites, whose bites are very itchy. I'm happy to be pulling out the flannel and fleece, and I hope these 40s and 50s stick around for awhile. I'm not ready for the lower temps and the ice and slush that those temps can bring. What about the white stuff? I'm not really ready yet. Check with me closer to Christmas. But this is good, right here. 

2. I am starting to make plans for Thanksgiving, and I am happy about that. Last year was the first year that my boyfriend and I did the family Thanksgiving feast, and I'm looking forward to taking what I learned from that and making this year even better. I do not feel stressed out about it yet. I'm hoping that last year's experience will make this year go more smoothly. One thing in particular that I'm depending on this year is my app Copy Me That. It's a recipe app, but it's not like any other recipe app I've seen. It works across platforms, so I can add a recipe from my laptop and access it from my iPhone so I know what groceries to buy and then use my iPad to read the recipe while doing the cooking. The app keeps my recipes but also gives me access to community recipes. I can make notes, mark that I've actually made something, add photos, and add tags to organize the recipes however I want. But my favorite part? On my laptop, I have a button that I added to my Google bar (I'm a Chrome girl). Whenever I come across a recipe I want to save, I can just hit that button, and it's magically in the app. So instead of saving some recipes on Food Network and some on Food 52 and seeing them on the websites of my favorite cooks, I can pull them all into one recipe box with the tap of a single button. It's so fantastic! I have last year's Thanksgiving recipes saved there, so I have a good place to start to plan this year's meal. I can't even tell you how helpful that is. 

3. My boyfriend is a fantastic person, and getting to be in his life and have him in mine is definitely making me happy (and keeping me sane). We celebrated his birthday yesterday, and I was so glad I could be there for him and with him while we hung out with his friends, ate good food, and painted. We had such a good time, and I am so fortunate that I found him. He is definitely what's making me happy this week (honestly, for most weeks. He is a keeper!!). 

I'm looking forward to resetting this week, to getting a chance to start the week with a better attitude and a new perspective. I've had some struggles at work, and I want to be able to do a good job and work as part of a strong team. I want this week to be a chance for me to get a lot done effectively and efficiently. Let's do this!


*what is making me happy this week