wimmhtw* 10.30

1. Tomorrow is Halloween, so of course, I have to say Halloween candy. Yes, we buy Halloween candy so we'll have extras. I myself am too lazy to go out trick-or-treating these days. 

2. The World Series, Cubs vs. Indians. My Royals didn't make it in this year, but the guys earned a much-needed break this year,. And both teams in the Series, neither of whom have made it this far in decades, deserve this opportunity. I'm not rooting for either team. I'm just enjoying the ride. Go sports! 

3. My boyfriend's lasagna. He just put it in the oven, so we are in for a comforting, super tasty, cheesy treat tonight and probably a couple more times this week. He has perfected this recipe, with sauce from scratch from San Marzano tomatoes and fresh basil and garlic cloves. Fresh mozzarella, ricotta, romano, provolone, and parmesan cheeses. I am the luckiest woman ever!! 


*what is making me happy this week