wimmhtw 10.23

what is making me happy this week 10.23

1. Not The Walking Dead. I just watched the season premiere, and it was pretty horrific. However, I am happy about The Talking Dead. It's impressive that AMC figured out a way to help everyone process their thoughts and feels from this very difficult show. 

2. Last Wednesday was the annual showing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," and any of those Peanuts Christmas specials takes me instantly back to childhood, to feeling like Halloween and friends and candy are what's really important in life, and all the rest is just silly adult stuff. It would probably do me good to have more of those moments. 

3. Tuesday is my boyfriend's birthday, and I am very happy that I get the chance to celebrate how happy I am and how lucky I am that he is in my life. Love you, Brad! 


Now, what is making you happy?