I live in Kansas City, and we have some excellent places to eat and drink. I thought this might be a good place to chat about them. Tonight I start with one of my all-time favorites: Glace ice cream. This is the best ice cream I have ever had. 

There are 2 locations here in town, and while I tend towards the south, I have experienced both and they are equally amazing. They make fresh ice cream and sorbets with beautiful ingredients. There are always seasonal offerings as well as the old favorites. For example, a quick glance at their website shows 4 new flavors for this week: caramel pecan, Boulevard last splash (I'm guessing this is an ice cream made with our local Boulevard beer), butterscotch bourbon, and rosemary caramel. (That last one I definitely want to taste. They have a perennial sea salt caramel that is heaven. The only caramel I recommend over that is the sea salt caramel sauce. Wowza is that incredible. My idea of a perfect meal is a jar of that sauce and a spoon.) 

My boyfriend goes for the Madagascar vanilla, which takes vanilla ice cream to a whole 'nother level. Pair it with the Indonesian cinnamon, and it's delicious like a very cold snickerdoodle cookie. 

I like to taste around. One of the best bowls of sorbet I've ever had was their cantaloupe (available only in a very short season, unfortunately). But my go-to flavor, probably not a big surprise, is the chocolate. But it's not just any chocolate. They've paired with local chocolate genius Christopher Elbow (more about him in an upcoming post) to create Christopher Elbow dark chocolate ice cream, and it's phenomenal. Top it with the caramel sauce, and you've got the whole world in your hands right there.

Glace artisan ice cream. Go there. Go there now.