my new catch phrase

Last week, my boyfriend stayed home from work one day because he was not feeling well. It was pretty obvious when you looked at him. He was dragging. At the time our kitty wasn't feeling too good either. So I went off to work, leaving them with this gem of advice. 

Nap it out. 

Fans of early seasons of Grey's Anatomy might recognize the reference to Meredith and Christina's stress relieving "Dance it out." As they say, good artists borrow. Great artists steal. 

Tired? Nap it out. Headache? Nap it out. Upset stomach? Nap it out. Stressed? Nap it out. Hungry? Eat something, duh. But then, if you're still not feeling good, nap it out. 

Face it, it's a thing. 

Nap it out!