wherever you are, we are here

We are moved. All of our things are in our new townhouse. Or in our cars. But they're parked right outside, so it's close enough. The moving was exhausting, and there are still many things to put away. But it's good. It's a new beginning, a place where new growth can happen. Some of that growth will be literal, like the herb garden we want. But most of it will be emotional, psychological, spiritual. I don't know what all will happen here, but I look forward to finding out. 

There are lots of things to learn. We've already had to figure out how to light the pilot light on the hot water heater (if only it had been before I took the first shower here!!). We still need to figure out why the icemaker is making noise but not ice. But we will. As long as we have internet access, we have access to more homeowner resources than we can consume in a lifetime. It feels good, having all this information at my fingertips. It makes me feel like any obstacle we come across can be solved, even if something beyond our expertise and the resources we consult are names and numbers of plumbers, or electricians, or contractors. 

I didn't always feel like this. I used to feel limited and powerless and afraid. The more I learn about life, the more I see how it is fear that holds me back from everything that I want, everything I hope for, everything I dream about. And so that is why my goal for this year is to be less fearful, less anxious, and more trusting of the universe to offer me what I need to move forward. Fear less, trust more. That is 2015 for me. That is where I am.