what the . . .?

What is the "unbridled enthusiasm of Billy Mumfrey," and why would anyone name a blog after it? Seinfeld fans with memories for freak details might notice the reference (see episode "The Doodle"), from the book manuscript that Elaine needed to read for a job interview. She'd had the book sent to Jerry's apartment, and unfortunately she couldn't get to it because Jerry was having his apartment fumigated to get rid of the fleas ("Newman!!"). Kramer inadvertently went in Jerry's apartment anyway and read Elaine's manuscript. She has him describe it to her, so that she can talk about it in her interview. As he tells it, the story of Billy Mumphrey is one of "love, deception, greed, lust, and . . . unbridled enthusiasm." 

When I was thinking about what to name this blog, that expression came to mind. Unbridled enthusiasm. It's catchy. And I must admit, it's something I too have struggled with throughout my life. And here's the thing. Other people either hate it or they join in. People who are happy and chasing after their own passions like to hear others being passionate about whatever crazy thing may come to mind. Passion attracts passion. Enthusiasm attracts enthusiasm. And that's who I want in my life. People who are filled with unbridled enthusiasm. It doesn't matter what that enthusiasm is for. Books, sports, food, bad sci fi movies, Dr. Who, My Little Pony, whatever. This is the place to let it all hang out. There is no judgment here.