putting all the things in boxes

So we're moving, which is why things here have been quiet. (Sorry, but it may continue for several weeks, between the putting of things into boxes and the taking of things out of boxes). And it feels good. 

I have not always liked moving. For awhile when I was a teenager, my mother decided she loved to move, and did so once a year. Add in my going to college, and there were far more moves than I wanted in a 5-year period (5 or 6; I think I've blocked some of those years from my memories). After all that, I wanted to find a place and stay put. Oh, if only life were that simple. 

There have been more moves since, although not so many annual moves, much to my relief. But this one is different. So many times, I've been moving away from something. Moving away from home to go to college. Moving away from a bad situation to try to find something better. Moving away from high rent to a better financial footing. But this is not like those times. 

This time, I am moving towards something. I am moving towards a home. I am moving towards an amazing relationship with a man who constantly surprises me with awesomeness. (Don't tell him I said that. He'll never let me forget it.) I am moving towards security and love and warmth and peace. I am moving to happiness. That will be my new address. Happiness, Kansas. 

I think I'll stay.