i am grumpy cat

Okay, not really. I'm not a cat (wouldn't that be an awesome life, though?) But I am grumpy. 

I am grumpy because of the brutal temperatures. Stupid hurricane in Asia that moved all that Arctic air our way! (Of course, it could be worse. There are places with 6', as in feet, of snow and the roofs are starting to cave in from the weight. That would suck.)

I am grumpy because I paid attention to one of those silly facebook "What would your elf name be?" things where you get your elf first name from the first letter of your real first name and your elf last name from the month you were born, and my elf name is: Pudding Pickle-Pants. True story. And that is sad on so many levels. Even though I do like pudding. And pickles. And pants. I just know that as soon as my boyfriend sees this, either on facebook or here, that he will start calling me that. 

I am grumpy because I've been a quarter sick for a couple of weeks now. My sinuses have been unhappy, partly because of the weather and partly because it's just like them to do that. My stomach has been iffy, probably because of sinus drainage. I'm not sick. I can't get off work or get lots of sympathy from people or get to go to blow off everything and go to bed early. But I feel bad enough to be grumpy. Which sucks. 

I am grumpy because I've been having vivid dreams about unpleasantness. Not nightmares. Not really bad dreams, even the one where there were several large, fuzzy spiders climbing up the wall. I've been dreaming about having a bad job. Or having a co-worker who was really happy to see me moving on. See what I mean? They're not happy dreams, but they're not that bad. They're just so . . . meh. 

I am grumpy because my feet are cold, and I hate that. 

I am grumpy because I have been in a reading slump. It doesn't look like it, because I've been reading a lot and enjoying most of the books I've read. But I've been looking for that book that just turns my world upside down and makes me think that there are so many possibilities in the universe. And I haven't found that book lately. 

I am grumpy because there is a lot going on, and I'm not dealing with that in a particularly healthy way. So that's my own fault, and that makes me grumpy. 

I am grumpy because the Royals lost the World Series. I never care about the World Series. And this year I did, and we lost. I tried to be positive, to be grateful for the awesome season they had, and I am grateful. But I also really, really, really wanted them to win. 

I am grumpy because the woman who used to bring doughnuts to work quit several weeks ago. How dare she? 

I am grumpy because I've been stuck on the same level of Candy Crush for what seems like years. And the boosters aren't helping. 

I am grumpy because my best friend seems sad, and he's far away, and it feels like there's nothing I can do to help him. 

I am grumpy because this list has gotten a lot longer than I expected it to. 

And I am grumpy because really I have a great life and I don't have anything to complain about. I have a job I love, a great kitty, a warm home, plenty of food, and tons of books to read. I have money in savings and health insurance and the love of a good (although sometimes annoying) man. What more could I want? Even if it does me grumpy.