I am not a baseball person. I'm not really much of a sports person at all. I like to watch tennis and an occasional soccer game, but other than that, I'm good. 

Then I met my boyfriend. He sucked me in by saying he wasn't that much of a sports person either. Except for football, especially the Huskers. I grew up in Nebraska too, so I get that. I hadn't kept up with them, but I was happy for the excuse to watch some Nebraska football again. 

Then he added in wrestling. And while I'm still not into the independents the he likes so much, I've gotten used to watching Raw every Monday, and tonight I was even happy to see Mick Foley walk out and tell Seth Rollins off while Dean Ambrose acted crazy. (Woot! Mick Foley's back in KC! We got to see him a couple of years ago at a comedy club, where he was unbelievably funny.) 

Then there were the Sporting games, which I was okay with because I do like soccer. 

And then it was hockey. And then it was Nascar. And then it was so much more football. And March Madness. And I was about done. I was sportsed out. I couldn't care about any more sportses. 

But then the Royals happened. They did okay during the regular season, a little up and down from what I remember. But towards the end of the season, things picked up. They lost the thingy that would automagically put them in the playoffs, but they got the wildcard spot. And then they won the first playoff in what in tennis would be called straight sets. Ditto the second. The only thing slowing them down was one night of bad rain. So tomorrow, they star in the World Series. And ya, the Giants will be there too. But I really think it's our year. 

It will be thrilling to be here, watching it all happen. Billy Butler. Eric Hosmer. Lorenzo Cain. I can't wait! 

And the I can go back to not caring much about baseball. Because seriously, there are way too many sportses in my life. It's taking away from my reading time.