snapshot 5.5

recently finished: I just have a little left of The Mother-In-Law. It’s fantastic! I can’t wait to see the wrap-up and talk about it! And I’m also almost done with Cape May, the buzzy summer book about a young couple’s relationship with an older, more sophisticated couple and how the consequences of a couple of weeks can last for years.

currently reading: I started the audio for Magpie Murders. It’s a long one, so it will be playing for several weeks in my car, but the narrator is perfect. And I’m reading Tiny Hot Dogs by Mary Guliani (no relation). She’s a party planner/caterer to the stars, and she is hysterical! This is a fun one! And one more, because apparently my ADD has been acting up: Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly. I loved, loved, loved her He Said/She Said from 2 years ago, so I was so excited to dive into her new one. It’s fascinating so far, a woman’s reckoning with reckless teenaged actions and her stay in a psychiatric hospital (which used to be called “stone mothers”). Her writing is so beautiful!

up next: A YA book about a wannabe filmmaker, This Is Not a Love Scene. And the much anticipated The Farm by Joanne Ramos.