brown's food tastes good!

Who is Alton Brown, exactly? Is he the evilicious, diabolical host from Cutthroat Kitchen who revels in watching chefs sabotage each other for money and ego? Is he the nerdy science guy from Good Eats who knows lots of food history and chemistry and talks to people through his appliances? Is he the mastermind Hollywood triple-threat actor/writer/producer who uses intelligent satire to create award-winning educational shows? 

Yes, he is. And no, he's not. 

Certainly all of his work comes through his personality. And while the game show host persona isn't exactly who he is off-camera, his voice and his ideas and his worldview all shine through in unguarded moments. His high standards never waver. His belief in the science of cooking is never far away. But when he drops all the rest of that at the door and lets you see a glimpse of who he is at home, you find a guy not that different than yourself. Smarter? Sure. More successful? Probably. Harder working? Absolutely, at least for me. But his humor and grace shine through in clever, surprising, and captivating ways. And that's what EveryDayCooks is all about. 

This beautiful cookbook, photographed entirely with an iPhone, is filled with the types of foods he likes and cooks for himself and his family all the time. The recipes are not overly complicated or fussy. They are fairly fast, interesting, and made from stuff you'll find in a well-stocked pantry. This book isn't about overly stylized beauty shots or food porn. It's not about a 3-day meatloaf. It's about Breakfast Carbonara (yes, pasta for breakfast). It's about Salisbury Steak updated for 2016. It's about making really tasty food with simple ingredients in a reasonable amount of time. It's about making time for dinner with family, or snacks for friends, or brunch or late night treats--whatever gets you and your people together. It's right there in the title. Every. Day. Cooks. Do you want a recipe for a better life? Start here. I am. Specifically, towards the back of the book, where it says : Chocapocalypse Cookie. Now that's good eats!