My name is Jill, and I love books. I love to read them. I love to talk about them. I love to shop for them. I love to write about them. If you love them too, please join me by reading about them and commenting here as well as following me on social media. You can follow my Facebook page here. You can tweet with me here. Instagram? Here you go. Friend me on Goodreads, or follow my reviews here. Or you can follow my reviews on Amazon here


I don't consider myself a "reviewer." To me, that denotes a serious reader who takes a deep dive into a book's worthiness, its breadth, its value as a piece of art. It's about making a judgment about the book's place in history. I am not qualified for that. And what's more, I don't enjoy that. I just like books, and I want to share my enthusiasm with others. I don't expect you to love all the books I love. But if I can introduce you to a book you wouldn't otherwise pick up for yourself, and you end up loving it, then I have done my job. I see myself as a book matchmaker. If you read a blog post that doesn't appeal to you, then just swipe left. But I hope you can find something that makes you want to swipe right, then by all means head right over to your favorite online book retailer, or head right to your favorite bookstore and pick it up. And add your comments here or on social media to let me know what you thought. 


Authors: If you are an author wanting a review for your latest book, then I'm afraid I'm not your girl. I have tried to work directly with authors to review their work, and having that relationship in place made me hold back on some of the things I really wanted to say. I have found that I need the buffer of a publisher in order to feel comfortable expressing myself completely, or I need to purchase the book on my own. If you want just to encourage me to check out your book, that's cool. I'm always looking for good books to read. 


All about the books!

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My name is Jill Nicely, and I am a sometimes fiction writer, book nerd, foodie, gamer, full-time proofreader, and freelance copywriter, copyeditor, and proofreader. I am also an expert on '80s television and a big fan of bad movies. I know stuff, and I have the college loans to pay off to prove it. Specifically, B.A. in English, B.S. and M.A. in psychology, and I even got to spend a summer hanging out in Greenwich Village at NYU's Summer Publishing Institute. I have 9+ years' experience working in publishing and lots of experience in retail. 

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